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You can easily adapt your site to any screen size or device. Laptops, smart phones or tablets.
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Today's internet is a vast and far-reaching ocean with a boundless client base. To tap into these prospects, you.
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Mobile Apps

Bring the world information about your business to a single search engine friendly place. The world of mobile apps.
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Stream Video

Online video is gaining strength as a source for your content marketing. Show your audience your products & service!
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Google Mobile Responsive Update

Starting April 21, 2014, Google will expand their use of mobile friendly as a ranking signal. The change will affect how mobile searches worldwide and will have a significant impact in search results. Users will find it much easier to get relevant , high quality search results that optimized for their devices.


Some have referred to this date as "Mobilegeddon". As mobile devices are being used in greater numbers,  Google needs to change the algorithm to meet the mobile responsive demand. In short, Google is tailoring its search results to favor sites that are suitably optimized for mobile use. Keep in mind this is geared for mobile searches on mobile devices.


Mobile computing, particularly Smartphone computing in the form of Internet surfing and the use of website applications, e-commerce, bookings and guest services, will overtake the desktop in a few years.

Mobile Smartphone Web Services

The resources and development being put into Mobile Smartphone Web services, apps, devices and innovation already exceed that deployed for the desktop.

So, it makes sense in today's world to have a website built for the future needs of your viewers, customers and potential visitors. Webcentricom has realized this and is ready to help get you there. Dozens of smart phone ready templates offer the ability to deliver. We're here to help you deliver your information to the future.

For Frequently Asked Questions about your site, if it's mobile responsive, and what you can do follow these links;

Forbes; Is your site optimized for mobile?

FAQ's About Google Mobile Friendly Update

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social media article

Can't keep up with the constant changes in social media? Regardless of the size of your business, you can not afford to ignore it. Despite what you might WANT to believe, social media is not a fad. 80% of the world's businesses now have a presence on one or more social media outlets. More people than ever before are using the internet to research their purchases and will relay on recommendations from their peers.

Have you moved away from "Why do I need social media?" to "What social media platforms are right for me?" If not, you are behind the curve, and that's where Webcentricom can assist you in moving forward.

Webcentric Communications will help you evaluate the outlets you need to incorporate into your marketing plan. Will it be YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or a combination? We can help you choose.

Branding across appropriate social networking channels will set you apart from your competition. Each platform has their own demographic within your niche market. So, your approach can, and likely should, be different on the various channels. Get personal with quality posts regarding your business. Let your audience know who you are, and what you stand for.


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e news

In the ever expanding world we call the internet, communication and the ability to deliver solid news and information becomes more clear. Creating an atmosphere that allows you to keep in touch with your audience, viewers and potential customers becomes extremely important.

For example, if you're an owner of an entertainment complex, do you think it makes sense to e-mail the latest live band dates, events and social gatherings to your faithful audience? They might pass along the info to their friends and so on. Or, do you count on word of mouth, a sign in front of your building in hopes some one will see it, and have time to read it, while driving by!

A website generated newsletter keeps your viewers well informed and aware of your businesses activities, creates web traffic and the opportunity to engage your public which is critical to it's survival.

Stay in touch through electronic media applications, it's not going away any time soon.

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