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You can easily adapt your site to any screen size or device. Laptops, smart phones or tablets.
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Today's internet is a vast and far-reaching ocean with a boundless client base. To tap into these prospects, you.
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Mobile Apps

Bring the world information about your business to a single search engine friendly place. The world of mobile apps.
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Stream Video

Online video is gaining strength as a source for your content marketing. Show your audience your products & service!
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Mobile applications mobile apps

With all the latest gadgets in today's tech world it's sometimes difficult to understand what you need personally and what you need as a business. In the business world, it's extremely important to stay ahead of your competition. As always there is a zillion ways to do that. So let's see if we can narrow it down.

Does your business offer on line reservations? Do you sell on line? Do you offer online coupons? Do you have a loyalty program? All of these are leading questions on how active your business is on line. Now, you might think I am talking about your website... No so fast.

Have you heard the catch phrase... We have an app for that? Well, We Have An App For That! Instead of spending thousands of dollars to redesign your website, why not integrate a mobile app that can comprehensively provide all of the features mentioned above and more? How about a few of these features? Click to call, share with a friend for instant info your customers can share with each other, directions and maps. All of these features provide instant access to your audience.

Whether your company is e-commerce based or a rock band, being able to connect to your audience is more important that ever. Provide a photo gallery, connect all your social media, provide video, music.

It as easy as downloading your mobile app from Amazon, Google Play or Apple. If you have a need to information out to your audience quickly, you'll have access to push notifications.

The possibilities are endless and isn't that what your looking for when engaging your client, customer, audience or fans? If you're not getting your message to them, your competition is.

What is the advantage of a Mobile App? Click here for full details!

Contact us today and let's see how we can get your audience to see your business with the click of “1” button!



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An Advantage of Native Apps Over Mobile Web

Mobile AppsBoth mobile websites and native apps are accessed on hand-held devices. That's where the similarity stops. Apps are downloaded and installed on iPhones, Android phones and tablets, while a mobile website's browser-based HTML pages are optimized for a smaller screen. Businesses have two excellent options to build a good mobile presence, but there is no denying that each has its own set of unique advantages.

Delivering a targeted user experience

Customer-oriented solutions deliver powerful experiences. They encourage engagement and drive results. Native mobile applications provide the flexibility to create targeted user experiences. The apps can unlock one or more of a smartphone's or tablet's advanced functionality, such as the camera, GPS, voice memos, gestures, accelerator or scan feature, or work better for those who use Evernote or similar devices on a regular basis. If you want to target an experience to each user's personal tastes, a native app is a better option in comparison to a mobile website.

Article Source: Chronicle, Jimmy "The Advantages of Native Apps Compared To Mobile Websites." The Advantages of Native Apps Compared To Mobile Websites. 6 Mar. 2014 7 Mar. 2014­Advantages-­of-­Native-­Apps-­Compared-­To-­Mobile-­Websites&id=8366382. 




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~Benefits of using an experienced website design company that incorporates all facets of internet marketing

When it comes to designing your website – and getting the most out of that design – it can be tricky to find a good company who can do everything that you need to have done on time, under budget, and in exceeding expectations. In fact, there are so many website design companies out there, that it can make you crazy just to think about how to get started in finding one that will work for SEO Primer

 So what do you need to do to get the most out of your web design needs, anyway? And how can you pick a web design company that will truly work with all of your needs and requirements, to get you a great product that not only looks great, but is also one people can find, enjoy, consume, and share as they grow into your web presence?

Understanding of SEO is critical

It’s important that you seek out an experienced website design company that truly understands the benefits of Internet marketing, and the benefits of SEO in web design. For web designers who get SEO and why it’s so critical for businesses and individuals, it’s critical to them that they create not only beautiful websites, but websites that people can find and search for easily.

By understanding SEO, you pick a website designer who understands how and where people will search for your products and your company, and you can use them to incorporate all facets of Internet marketing into web design. In turn, then, customers will satisfactorily find and enjoy your company’s website as they find where you are easily and can learn more about you and your products.

Get Social With Your Web Design!

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and it’s here to stay. It’s a huge Internet marketing tool and then some, and it works across the board for a wide variety of people in a wide variety of ways and means. Knowing that, then, it is critical that you make it a point to get social with your web design, and work with and consult a website designer who fully understands what you want, need, and deserve in terms of socially-focused website design.
By putting a major focus on social media in web design, you provide easily shareable content that customers and potential clients can find, share, and enjoy on their social platforms – doing your marketing for you! Plus, customers in this manner will be easily able to connect with you if they have questions about products and more, and you can deliver the information to them easily and in a straightforward manner. The newly coined term "Social Media Optimization" or SMO is exploding on the scene and choosing companies like Webcentric or their partner companies to handle your web design is critical to the success of your business.

Website design has never been as important as it is today; it’s critical that you make it a point to use website designers wisely, as their work can greatly impact and promote your SEO, Internet marketing, and social media efforts when done properly, and in a professional manner with years of experience under their belt. 


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