whiteboard animationYour audience sifts through facts and figures  and stacks of info all day long. Why not "SHOW" them what your business does? Simplify & clearly relay your service, business or message to your potential client. Whiteboard Animation delivers just that. A visual reference accompanied by voice providing information directly to the people who buy your product or service.

The typical on line viewer watches approximately 20 hours of video each month. Your audience wants MORE video and the numbers show it! Video is more search friendly than text, and, some researchers say up to 50% more. Its estimated that 90% of ALL on line traffic will be video by the year 2016.

Focus your content on your client. What can your service or product do for your client? With Whiteboard animation, you have time to give the "WHOLE" story, not just the 30 - 60 second elevator speech you have been trained to spew every time you meet a potential client. Give your client everything they need to make the right decision. Reinforce, to your clients, and potential clients alike, your ability to deliver.

So why not deliver that message with Whiteboard Animation? You can deliver it on your website, mobile app, website and social media. Make sure your audience understands your business model and how they can benefit from your services.