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Do you have a plan? Do you know where to start your plan? Will your plan work?

As with any form of marketing, there is no silver bullet. However, if you start with some guidelines and goals, your progress will be easier to monitor and adjust as needed. Additionally, by closely monitoring your social streams, you have an opportunity to create a more intimate relationship with your public. They will get to know your company and company culture and you have the opportunity to listen to their needs and concerns. 

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So, back to the plan:

    • What's your style?
      • Establishing your outward appearance helps strengthen the company's character and identity
      • Does your appearance need to be formal and systematic? Or will your audience better relate to a relaxed atmosphere?
    • Define your goals for each outlet
      • Do you want to get people talking?
      • Do you want feedback on your products?
      • Do you want your public to share your content?
    • Set parameters, but allow leeway, practice makes perfect
      • You want your message to be consistent, but to show depth in your company, allow the administrators of your social channels to use their own voices.
      • Have your agents sign off on posts with first names and departments when possible
      • You or one of your managers may need to monitor your social media posts while the agents get accustomed to your brand's voice and style
    • Mandate social response
      • You wouldn't leave a phone ringing off the hook, don't leave a post (good or bad) unanswered
    • Teamwork
      • If you are handling your social media campaigns in house, it is often a good idea to pair up a marketing professional along with someone that is more social media savvy. Two sets of eyes are better than one.
    • Don't reinvent the wheel
      • Take a look at your top competitors, study what works and does not work for them
      • Use the good, leave the bad, and add your voice
    • Answer anything
      • You will get positive, negative and indifferent posts; answer them all with respect and kindness
      • It's especially important to establish a procedure for agents to follow in dealing with irate fans
      • Capitalize on every opportunity to demonstrate superior customer service

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